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Does ATP look natural?

the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we’re known for our revolutionary hair transplant procedure. Some people suffering from hair loss won’t necessarily need, or be suitable for a hair transplant.

Some people who are suffering from hair loss might be better suited to our Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment. Today we’re looking into why it could be the perfect treatment for you.

What is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation (ATP)?

ATP is an innovative and highly specialised treatment that we’re proud to offer exclusively at our clinic. Our advanced treatment works to achieve the appearance of hair and it can be used to help the appearance of fullness on both the scalp and brow area.

ATP is similar to other pigmentation treatments that you will find at other clinics, a popular one being scalp micro pigmentation (SMP). ATP is an advanced treatment and our specialised team work towards getting the best results for our clients.

How does Advanced Tricho Pigmentation (ATP) work?

Our treatment works in a similar way to a tattoo; natural pigments are applied to either the scalp or brow area. The team of experts at The Harley Street Hair Clinic work to delicately replicate the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp and natural hair strokes on the brow area.

The specialised process deposits tiny amounts of natural pigments to the scalp or brow area and positions it within the dermal layer of the skin. Unlike other pigmentation treatment ATP was designed from the ground up, with a purpose to mimic hair. The entire system has been crafted from the beginning to offer the best and most natural pigment hair restoration system possible.

Once our highly skilled technicians are finished you’ll be left with realistic results that replicate the appearance of real hair.

Is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation (ATP) the treatment for me?

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is the perfect treatment for men who have noticed areas of their scalp with thinning hair. The treatment can be used to apply pigment around these areas to help with the appearance of fullness.

Our treatment is also great for those who are not suitable for a hair transplant, as they do not have enough donor hair. The treatment can be used to mimic the appearance of a closely shaven head across the whole scalp.

Lastly, our treatment is perfect for those who want to achieve a fuller brow. ATP can be used in the brow area to create a natural-looking brow if there is no hair, to help with the appearance of fullness for those with thin eyebrows and even help to cover up scarring.

If you’re interested in our Advanced Trico Pigmentation treatment please contact us for a no-obligation consultation to see how we can help you today.

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